Critiques de livres.

Les livres sont la source de savoir la plus sous-estimée que je connaisse. Moi

JavaScript: The Good PartsDouglas Crockford

153 pages — En Anglais

This book is about the JavaScript programming language. It is intended for programmers who have been working with JavaScript at a novice/intermediate level and are now ready for a more sophisticated relationship with the language.

This book was amazing! I wrote a complete review here: JavaScript: The Good Parts — Honest Book Review.

Eloquent Javascript 3rd EditionMarijn Haverbeke

447 pages — En Anglais

This is a book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital.

I'm still reading this one... It's hard to reat, I do NOT recommend this for beginners (everyone recommends it on Reddit for beginners, don't listen to them!).

Resilient Web DesignJeremy Keith

150 pages — En Anglais

With a title like Resilient Web Design, you might think that this is a handbook for designing robust websites. This is not a handbook. It’s more like a history book.

I was hooked immediately on this one, it explains how we arrived in the Web we know today starting from the birth of Internet through the rise of mobile phones and tablets.

You'll learn about browsers wars, how designers used tables to layout first website, why CSS was rejected first and how it finally got adopted later.

This one is also quick to read and very useful to understand how Internet works and the onion layers beneath it.

Hello Web DesignTracy Osborn

154 pages — En Anglais

Learn basic design theory, design thinking, and shortcuts, aimed at developers, marketers, and non-designers.

I read this book in 2 days, I absolutely loved it! It will teach you 80% of everything you need to know to become a good enough designer to make great websites.

The rest you'll learn it through experience. It nails down all the common mistakes web developers make when designing websites and gives you concrete examples on how to fix them.

The book is concise, precise, and quick to read but you'll learn a ton from it. I absolutely recommend it! This is a must read if you start web design!